Future of Technology

I feel that in the next 100 years we will have hovering cars and hovering skateboards and what ever else that the scientist can come up with. In the next century there will be almost little to none farmable land for crops and food or farm land to grow and harvest livestock. People think that all teenagers are attached to their phones now days I can not imagine what it is going to look like in 2116. There is going to be things so high tech that people are going to be more dangerous than now and they are already pretty unpredictable. Like ISIS and how they are causing a big deal and other terrorists groups and how they are a serious threat to Iraq and Syria. But in the next 100 years that will be very preventable with the military forces that we will have all across the whole world.20161105_082129 If there is going to be a war then there might not be a world left because of all the advances in technology. I believe there will be a nuclear war between all countries and/or most countries. I hope that this does not happen at any situation with any nuclear products and should not be a problem. I believe the government already has way more advanced technology and they have so much more experience than the United States civilian such as myself or anybody else that has any other technology excluding the military in any country. In the very near future any of this technology these days will be ancient.20150720_185504



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