Frightful flight.

It was November 23, 2010, we were heading off to school. The last day until Thanksgiving break, my brothers and sisters were all in the van and ready to go. There was ice and a little bit of snow outside and I was late, so I ran out to get into the van and it all just happened in an instant. I fell out of the van door backwards, hit my head on the ice, and then concrete. I had fainted because of the hard impact. I woke up but just for a few seconds and my father was lifting me in the van. I went with to drop of my siblings off at school as I was blacked out, but I woke up and then it was black again. This happened over and over until we got the ACMC clinic across the street from the Litchfield Hospital.


I was examined by a doctor there and then I was in a wheelchair going to the hospital across the street, they looked at me there. Then being transported by ambulance to Hutchinson hospital. They did some test, I didn’t understand what was going on then I was just ten years old. The doctors told my mother that I had to be airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in the cities, so my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather all drove to the cities to see me. While being airlifted to the cities I had to wear a neck brace and lay on a stretcher. I don’t know how but I was so calm, and relaxed I was almost asleep but one of the guys in the helicopter was waking me up every so often. Then we landed at the Children’s Hospital, I was put in on a cart then put on a hospital bed. There the doctors gave me a gown and put an IV in my arm. After a little while there I had to have a MRI done to see what had happened when I fell; I had a blood clot in my head and it would take a while to heal so I stayed at the hospital overnight with my family, then in the morning we drove and the day was Thanksgiving so we rented a gym out because of our very large family. While almost everybody there was either playing basketball or something else that I couldn’t of play so I had to sit there. That is the reason I fear playing any contact sports, or fear hitting my head like that ever again. This is because the doctors that took the MRI said that if I had another head injury like this one again that I have a very high risk of dying.20161122_161734.jpg


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