My belief in my moms authority

My mom is the best person in my life. She is caring for anything that I do. I do not think that anybody can be as lucky as me. She tells me no, not because she doesn’t want me to do anything but she is watching out for me and my best interest. I’m glad that she does these things for my siblings and I because she is watching out for all of us. I do not know how she finds the time to do everything she does for us. I am happy that she does say no and cares about what we do and who we hang out with. Because she is a drug and alcohol counselor and works at a small company that works with addicts and she helps anybody and everybody. Her words are very powerful and that’s what helps every single person she meets. I enjoy every single moment with her and when we do fun things it is not normal that we just stay home all weekend. We at least go out to do something at least once every weekend.

20150721_124537 (1).jpg

When she comes to my swimming meets she cheers me on every time I swim. Even though she may not let us kids do whatever we want. I used to think that she didn’t want us to do anything but if it is in our benefit then she lets us, but otherwise she doesn’t let us which I’ve learned that she is trying to protect us and that is her job. She is always saying that her kids are her first and most important job and that we need to know that safety comes first always. Either way she is looking out for me and that is what I need. She will always know that I love her. My mother is my most important authority, I think because she can do everything and anything if she sets her mind to it. And she always finds a way to do things on everybody’s schedule. She buys me things, but can also take it just as fast as she gave it to me. These are just a few reasons why I believe my mother is the most powerful authority in my life.20151002_172702 (1).jpg


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