Choices that I have had to make.

I have had to make so many decisions in my life that I have lost count of practically all of them, except the important ones, that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

20151002_171637 (1).jpgLike one that I really remember very vividly, I went to Florida and was shark fishing a few years back and the way that they bring bait out in the water is they kayak it out about three hundred to five hundred yards. My brother asked if I wanted to do it and I hesitated probably too long than I should have and he said that I can do it. I was all up for it and everything but as soon as I got out about one hundred yards I was nervous and wanted to go back, but my brothers on the beach just said to keep going and so I did. When I got as far as I needed to go I look back and they tell me to drop the bait so I do and I was a little freaked out and paddled as fast as I could back to the shore. Ever since then I have always offered to go and kayak bait out. Now I look back and wonder why I was so scared about making that one choice and I would do it again and again. Another important choice that I have had to make was when I chose to go hunting one morning and I didn’t which I regret because my brothers and my uncle all went out and shot over 20 ducks that morning and I had to hear about that the whole trip we were up at my uncle’s house. Or how that they wanted me to come because they had shot so many ducks and they had never seen anything like that before in their lives. These are just a couple of the very important choices that I have had to make in the past few years and there is just so many more.




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