Most memorable mistake

I remember one year during swimming I missed one of my swimming events. I was not paying attention and the announcer said my name and my teammates were all telling me that I was supposed to be swimming right now so I kind of ran and I swam it, but I was late by like five to seven seconds. While I was swimming all I could think about was that my coach was going to be so mad at me, and I swam so fast that I got in and got out just in like 10 seconds and I believe that I swam about a 1:24.20161222_164750.jpg

If I swam like I did at that meet and on time, I would have made sections my eighth grade year. I just look back at that moment and remember to be paying attention to where I am and what I am doing because if I was aware I could have been going to sections in my eighth grade year. I look back to that time and I just wonder what I was thinking. Now that I am taking time to think about it two years ago feels like a long time, but to remember that long time ago I just can’t ever seeing myself doing that ever again, I am very grateful for that experience so this way I can learn from my very big mistake. There had been other mistakes that I made and I learn from, but I choose to talk about this one because swimming is very important to me and I regret that I made that mistake, but again I am learning from experience.

20150721_115658 (2).jpg


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