My motivation

Motivation during the swimming season is different for every swimmer. For me? I have lots of things that motivates me. Some big ones are doing good so all the hard work I put in pays off, practicing for meets is tough but you have to just push through it all. People think that swimming is really boring and easy, I disagree, I have been in multiple sport activities and nothing compares to how hard swim practice is. On a normal practice we swim about three miles and that’s just after school. We also practice for three and a half hours everyday during christmas break. Preparing for meets is a different story there are every meet day things I have to do on the day of a meet. For instance I need to be up two hours before the bus leaves. It doesn’t really matter what I do I just need to be up getting mentally prepare for that meet. Meet days are the days I need lots of motivation because before I get ready to swim my event.

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Another big piece of what motivates me is that I want to be like my older brother.When I first started swimming it was because of him and how he said it was fun but challenging. So I agreed to try it and my first year of drippin’ dragons was a lot of fun so I joined the next two years until I joined the school’s team when I was in seventh grade been in swimming since. I think that swimming is a sport that only a handful of people are able to be a part of because it does take a whole lot of motivation and even more determination. There are people that really want to try it and they join for a year and see how they like it, but they do not enjoy it so they quit. After this years swim season has ended we will have lost almost two thirds of our team because of the seniors that will graduate. Another thing that I think motivates me is that I want our swim team to succeed. I believe that swimming is more of a mentally strong than a physically strong sport just for the simple fact that we have to practice almost everyday, if you don’t then when you haven’t been in the water for 2 or more days that it’s almost like you forget how to swim. Don’t ask me why I think this, one of my teammates was sick for just about a week and when he came back to practice he was not the same swimmer that he was the week prior to when he was sick. You have to be willing to be very buckled down and give incentive to this sport.20150721_115535 (1)


What am I eating.

During the swimming season, I go on a whole different diet by watching what I ate. I think that it is important for me to do good in swimming. Big part of that is because my older brother was also in swimming and I got to swim with him for about 3 seasons. Swimming takes a whole lot of determination, time, energy, and much more. Watching what you eat is also a huge piece of achieving and doing good in swimming and also other sports. Some things that are a definite not eating and or drinking are pop, most of just anything that people wouldn’t eat on a diet I’m not consuming. Eating things that are filled with sugar and sodiums are more than likely not a good idea for me to eat.

blog picI would think that I am not nutritionally healthy, but I eat a lot better than a bunch of people that I know. I can say that not eating three quarters of the year and eating during swimming are totally different. People say that swimming is easy and it’s not that hard, but I want those kind of people to do what swimmers do. I think that it is a hard thing to go on the diet that all of the swimmers go on every year during the season. When people say that swimming is boring and easy, all I can think about is why doesn’t that person join swimming and they can see how hard swimming can actually be.20170401_163148 (1)

My cherished adventures

I have a lot of adventure in my life, I do bunch of adventurous things with some of my family, like how I talk about going down to Florida with my brothers and we go shark fishing. I have made two trips down to Florida with my brothers and they both were a blast. editedMy brothers and I do a lot with each other. In October of 2016 we saved some money up, and went to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting trip. While we were there we had no idea what was in the town to begin with when my brothers and I got there, but to find the stores that we had to look for. When hunting season comes around here in Minnesota then we go out with each other and duck hunt, sometimes with my uncle and cousins. Deer hunting we have my two of my brothers go up north to where my uncle lives and hunts there with him, while the other two that stay back home go to our spots here near home.

unedited-snow-vacation-picIn 2012 my family and I took a trip to North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota in about 20 days, so there was a bunch of driving. I believe that there was 15 of us that went so we had to take two vehicles. While we were in Oregon we went to Crater Lake. I thought it was just so cool. We also went to Mount St. Helens in Washington state, but while we were there it was so foggy we couldn’t see it. There was so much snow when we were driving up, the roads had no side rails or anything. It was scary There were so many climate changes in just those few states.Edited Tree vacation pic.jpg

The giant trees out in California are just ginormous, we had got the chance to drive through one while we were there in California because we stayed in Crescent City.

Most memorable mistake

I remember one year during swimming I missed one of my swimming events. I was not paying attention and the announcer said my name and my teammates were all telling me that I was supposed to be swimming right now so I kind of ran and I swam it, but I was late by like five to seven seconds. While I was swimming all I could think about was that my coach was going to be so mad at me, and I swam so fast that I got in and got out just in like 10 seconds and I believe that I swam about a 1:24.20161222_164750.jpg

If I swam like I did at that meet and on time, I would have made sections my eighth grade year. I just look back at that moment and remember to be paying attention to where I am and what I am doing because if I was aware I could have been going to sections in my eighth grade year. I look back to that time and I just wonder what I was thinking. Now that I am taking time to think about it two years ago feels like a long time, but to remember that long time ago I just can’t ever seeing myself doing that ever again, I am very grateful for that experience so this way I can learn from my very big mistake. There had been other mistakes that I made and I learn from, but I choose to talk about this one because swimming is very important to me and I regret that I made that mistake, but again I am learning from experience.

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Choices that I have had to make.

I have had to make so many decisions in my life that I have lost count of practically all of them, except the important ones, that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

20151002_171637 (1).jpgLike one that I really remember very vividly, I went to Florida and was shark fishing a few years back and the way that they bring bait out in the water is they kayak it out about three hundred to five hundred yards. My brother asked if I wanted to do it and I hesitated probably too long than I should have and he said that I can do it. I was all up for it and everything but as soon as I got out about one hundred yards I was nervous and wanted to go back, but my brothers on the beach just said to keep going and so I did. When I got as far as I needed to go I look back and they tell me to drop the bait so I do and I was a little freaked out and paddled as fast as I could back to the shore. Ever since then I have always offered to go and kayak bait out. Now I look back and wonder why I was so scared about making that one choice and I would do it again and again. Another important choice that I have had to make was when I chose to go hunting one morning and I didn’t which I regret because my brothers and my uncle all went out and shot over 20 ducks that morning and I had to hear about that the whole trip we were up at my uncle’s house. Or how that they wanted me to come because they had shot so many ducks and they had never seen anything like that before in their lives. These are just a couple of the very important choices that I have had to make in the past few years and there is just so many more.



My belief in my moms authority

My mom is the best person in my life. She is caring for anything that I do. I do not think that anybody can be as lucky as me. She tells me no, not because she doesn’t want me to do anything but she is watching out for me and my best interest. I’m glad that she does these things for my siblings and I because she is watching out for all of us. I do not know how she finds the time to do everything she does for us. I am happy that she does say no and cares about what we do and who we hang out with. Because she is a drug and alcohol counselor and works at a small company that works with addicts and she helps anybody and everybody. Her words are very powerful and that’s what helps every single person she meets. I enjoy every single moment with her and when we do fun things it is not normal that we just stay home all weekend. We at least go out to do something at least once every weekend.

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When she comes to my swimming meets she cheers me on every time I swim. Even though she may not let us kids do whatever we want. I used to think that she didn’t want us to do anything but if it is in our benefit then she lets us, but otherwise she doesn’t let us which I’ve learned that she is trying to protect us and that is her job. She is always saying that her kids are her first and most important job and that we need to know that safety comes first always. Either way she is looking out for me and that is what I need. She will always know that I love her. My mother is my most important authority, I think because she can do everything and anything if she sets her mind to it. And she always finds a way to do things on everybody’s schedule. She buys me things, but can also take it just as fast as she gave it to me. These are just a few reasons why I believe my mother is the most powerful authority in my life.20151002_172702 (1).jpg

Frightful flight.

It was November 23, 2010, we were heading off to school. The last day until Thanksgiving break, my brothers and sisters were all in the van and ready to go. There was ice and a little bit of snow outside and I was late, so I ran out to get into the van and it all just happened in an instant. I fell out of the van door backwards, hit my head on the ice, and then concrete. I had fainted because of the hard impact. I woke up but just for a few seconds and my father was lifting me in the van. I went with to drop of my siblings off at school as I was blacked out, but I woke up and then it was black again. This happened over and over until we got the ACMC clinic across the street from the Litchfield Hospital.


I was examined by a doctor there and then I was in a wheelchair going to the hospital across the street, they looked at me there. Then being transported by ambulance to Hutchinson hospital. They did some test, I didn’t understand what was going on then I was just ten years old. The doctors told my mother that I had to be airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in the cities, so my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather all drove to the cities to see me. While being airlifted to the cities I had to wear a neck brace and lay on a stretcher. I don’t know how but I was so calm, and relaxed I was almost asleep but one of the guys in the helicopter was waking me up every so often. Then we landed at the Children’s Hospital, I was put in on a cart then put on a hospital bed. There the doctors gave me a gown and put an IV in my arm. After a little while there I had to have a MRI done to see what had happened when I fell; I had a blood clot in my head and it would take a while to heal so I stayed at the hospital overnight with my family, then in the morning we drove and the day was Thanksgiving so we rented a gym out because of our very large family. While almost everybody there was either playing basketball or something else that I couldn’t of play so I had to sit there. That is the reason I fear playing any contact sports, or fear hitting my head like that ever again. This is because the doctors that took the MRI said that if I had another head injury like this one again that I have a very high risk of dying.20161122_161734.jpg