What am I eating.

During the swimming season, I go on a whole different diet by watching what I ate. I think that it is important for me to do good in swimming. Big part of that is because my older brother was also in swimming and I got to swim with him for about 3 seasons. Swimming takes a whole lot of determination, time, energy, and much more. Watching what you eat is also a huge piece of achieving and doing good in swimming and also other sports. Some things that are a definite not eating and or drinking are pop, most of just anything that people wouldn’t eat on a diet I’m not consuming. Eating things that are filled with sugar and sodiums are more than likely not a good idea for me to eat.

blog picI would think that I am not nutritionally healthy, but I eat a lot better than a bunch of people that I know. I can say that not eating three quarters of the year and eating during swimming are totally different. People say that swimming is easy and it’s not that hard, but I want those kind of people to do what swimmers do. I think that it is a hard thing to go on the diet that all of the swimmers go on every year during the season. When people say that swimming is boring and easy, all I can think about is why doesn’t that person join swimming and they can see how hard swimming can actually be.20170401_163148 (1)