Future of Technology

I feel that in the next 100 years we will have hovering cars and hovering skateboards and what ever else that the scientist can come up with. In the next century there will be almost little to none farmable land for crops and food or farm land to grow and harvest livestock. People think that all teenagers are attached to their phones now days I can not imagine what it is going to look like in 2116. There is going to be things so high tech that people are going to be more dangerous than now and they are already pretty unpredictable. Like ISIS and how they are causing a big deal and other terrorists groups and how they are a serious threat to Iraq and Syria. But in the next 100 years that will be very preventable with the military forces that we will have all across the whole world.20161105_082129 If there is going to be a war then there might not be a world left because of all the advances in technology. I believe there will be a nuclear war between all countries and/or most countries. I hope that this does not happen at any situation with any nuclear products and should not be a problem. I believe the government already has way more advanced technology and they have so much more experience than the United States civilian such as myself or anybody else that has any other technology excluding the military in any country. In the very near future any of this technology these days will be ancient.20150720_185504



Wealth of Ryan Lochte

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is estimated to pocket about $30,000 in funding and reimbursements.  This is because as a gold-medal favorite in the 200-meter backstroke and individual medley in the Olympics. He also has a sponsoring relationship with Speedo, Gatorade, Nissan, Mutual of Omaha, Gillette, Ralph Lauren and AT&T for the London Olympics.

Image result for ryan lochteHe only earns a majority of deals of about $250,000 from these sponsors. While being very well supplied and outfitted. He gets swim gear and the clothes he needs, while Gillette gives him it’s family products, AT&T includes things as smartphones, Nissan provides him with a car. Also Lochte’s parents often get the benefits while being at Ryan’s request. He is also benefited from direct work with Gatorade scientist who monitor his training and determine a best plan for integrating Gatorade’s line of products for his training and recovery. For these levels of support, he also appears in commercials and makes appearances for his sponsors, from the Super Bowl  to swim clinics. He must also perform tremendously in the Olympics to “unlock” the even bigger dollars. Sponsoring only counts for just under $2 million of his base salary. Getting gold medals can add even bigger allowance from Gatorade, Speedo would push him over $1 million for the one deal alone. During an Olympic year money can add up fast. Lochte sees himself designing in mainstream fashion outside of swimming. During the 2016 Olympics look at what happened to Lochte, I thought that he was going to go to jail over the summer Olympics.

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Power can change a person’s view.


Power is something that can be a good thing but develop into something dangerous. When something is given power it usually starts off good. They give the people what they want and what they asked for In the beginning they are not be selfish or greedy. But something changes inside them. They forget about the people and what they want. Like animal farm when Napoleon said he if he was in charge he would give the animals what they want and need it a more suitable way. He did take over and he turned out like the human and power corrupted him.

You need to have different opinions from different people. There is a reason why in most United States branched powers have  2 or more opinions on most situations. Because if you have only one opinion on all situations. Then it will go their way and they will think that they can make every decision. Even if you think that the President makes decisions well he doesn’t.  He has to answer to people too.

Power has a weird way of changing any type of person either good, or bad. It is more than likely to be bad or worse than what that person was. But in very few cases power can change a person in a good way. I am not saying that it always will be for the good I am trying to say that few if any case are like that. Power can be good in moderation if anything. If you look at almost any history topics which shows it is bad to have too much power if you do not know how to manage it.